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What Does Chiropractic Do?

Chiropractic has one goal:


TO REMOVE NERVE INTERFERENCE. Within your body, nerves conduct LIFE from the brain to the entire body. This flow can be altered by nerve interference. In the most basic terms, this is sometimes called a “pinched nerve.” 


What happens when the LIFE FORCE is reduced because of nerve interference? The part of the body where that particular nerve goes is in trouble. 


If you cut the nerve to your tooth, it will get black and die. If you cut the nerve to your finger, it won’t function. The nerves conduct LIFE. When the nerves are interfered with by the spinal bones, the body’s tissues will not function the way they should. They will become diseased or they could die. 


Symptoms are warnings: They are signals for you to heed --- There may be interference with the nerves from the brain to the body. In order to get well, the nerve interference must be corrected so that the intelligence within the body can coordinate the healing of the tissues from within.


This innate (inborn) intelligence within the body knows how to mend fractures, heal cuts, mend ulcers, soothe nerves and even balance hormones. This healing ability is within us all. 


It’s this same unconscious intelligence that constructed your body in nine months and put all the parts where they belong! It is the same intelligence that has remained with you your whole life. As long as the interference is removed, this intelligence can repair, replace and create new tissue with the same vigor as it originally had. 


Chiropractic is a natural healing science that works with the body by removing nerve interference. In general, taking medication can cover up symptoms (the warning signals!) and leave you with the impression that you are “ all better.” However, a strict medical approach does not and cannot remove nerve interference. Only chiropractic adjustments can remove interference. 


We all deserve good health. Good health is not something anyone can either buy or sell. It must be earned and maintained constantly. Chiropractic adjustments, combined with a healthy lifestyle, will keep you at your best. 


We can remove the interference to LIFE flow, correct it or improve it – the rest is up to you. 








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