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Important Information for All Patients


If your goal is CORRECTION – please read this information. It will explain many things you will want to know before your second visit to our office. 


How quickly your problem responds to your chiropractic care and starts getting better will depend on several factors. These factors include your age, the type of work you do, how long you’ve had a problem, and how many spinal disorders are interfering with the nerve flow in your body. All of these factors affect the time it will take to correct your problem, and they vary from patient to patient. That is why we cannot predict how many adjustments it will take to completely correct your condition and bring you to optimum health. 


In the beginning, frequent visits are necessary because spinal misalignments must be corrected gradually and gently. At first, three times a week is a normal adjustment schedule. As you improve, twice a week adjustments are given until the majority of correction is completed. As spinal correction takes place, you won’t need adjustments as often. Your office visits will ultimately be limited to once every two weeks or every month, depending on your condition and maintenance. The average patient soon finds out that chiropractic care is valuable in maintaining optimum health. There are many families in our office benefiting from regular chiropractic care. 







The actual adjustment you receive takes less than a couple of minutes. It is given quickly, with precise accuracy and timing as indicated by your X-ray findings, palpation, posture and other tests. The corrective process takes place after the adjustment is made. 


For example, changes may start taking place in the shoulder area after an adjustment is made in the neck. Neck adjust-ments are by far the most important! Spinal cord pressure resulting from upper neck misalignments can interfere with the ability of any organ or tissue to function properly by inter- rupting proper nerve flow from the source. Spinal adjust- ments can relive this pressure and return normal function and healing to these organs and tissue.






If you have to wait when you come in, remember, you will receive the same careful attention as those before you. When you have a question about your case, please ask us. As you understand how Chiropractic works, you will see how logical and sensible the Science of Chiropractic truly is. If you have a special problem, we will gladly make arrangements for consultation.


Finally, we ask three things of you: Be here when due, stick with it long enough, and attend one health talk in our office.


Appointments can be made mornings, afternoons or evenings. Work them out at the best time for you. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!








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