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"I never knew much about chiropractic, much less had an opinion of it. I had some health problems over the years which inhibited my lifestyle. I went to Reese Chiropractic Center in Hollywood, FL from a recommendation. I must say I never knew there was such a safe and effective solution for my problems. I try to avoid taking medicines and having unnecessary surgeries. Regular visits with Dr. Gregg Reese has enabled me to stay true to those wishes, all the while fixing my health issues and gettin me 'back in the game.' Since I made Chiropractic a part of my life, I have never felt better. I can fully recommend Reese Chiropractic to anyone who wants to feel like their true self again :)" ~Stephen D.



"I've had my share of chiropractic care, and Reese Chiropractic Center in Hollywood FL is the best in my book. I love the welcome feeling you get there, and focus on overall wellness. I had never had such a comprehensive and yet SIMPLE explanation of what was going on with my nervous system, and how we would gently bring my body back to optimum health. It turns out that many people I know also visit Dr. Reese - it is the kind of place that just draws people in and keeps them attuned to their health." ~Marcia H.



"Results speak for themselves. I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, but my neck pain had been ongoing and I figured "I've nothing to lose". A friend referred me to Reese Chiropractic and I've not looked back. Dr. Reese's pragmatic and careful approach means that you will NOT be experiencing the dramatic neck whipping or back cracking that you may have seen on TV. In fact, Dr. Reese's wide knowledge of treating injuries enables him to create an individualized treatment plan - as is the case for me. Within a few sessions of working with Dr. Reese I was able to slowly resume running *pain free*. It's been a few months now and I'm building up strength and speed....still pain free. My neck pain (from being rear-ended in an automobile accident) is a lot better but still requires regular maintenance. Dr. Reese's patience and friendly manner is a bonus. Well now that I've spoken so well of him I hope he still has time to see me." ~Robert K.



"I have been to many chiropractors but by far have been most impressed with Dr. Gregg Reese's knowledge and results. While many chiropractors will adjust your back and send you on your way, Dr. Reese does much more - he does what is necessary to help alleviate your pain. I always leave feeling much better than when I walked in. I sent my boyfriend to him and Dr. Reese had him feeling better in just a few visits. Dr. Reese is also very friendly, accommodating, and genuinely concerned about helping you to feel better and stay that way. I always recommend him when I hear someone complaining about any sort of pain or injury. There is a reason he has an average review of 5 stars!" ~Joanne H.




"For the last several years, I've been struggling with a number of spinal and systemic problems. I've gone to other chiropractors, medical doctors, and holistic practitioners - all to little or no avail. From the moment I met Dr. Gregg Reese, I was impressed. He did an extremely thorough consultation, including movement tests and x-rays of my entire spine and neck. (No one had ever taken that kind of one-on-one diagnostic time with me). He always gives me a full explanation of everything going on in my body. Honestly, I've learned more about my own structural system from Dr. Reese than I ever did in a classroom or other doctor's office. Most importantly, the chiropractic adjustments are done quickly, painlessly, and compassionately. I've never experienced such true health and wellness in my entire life! Thanks Dr. Reese!" ~Thomas J. 




"This is a great place to go! I've seen many chiropractors, but I'm loyal to Dr. Reese now because he cares about my overall health. He stays current and tries new techniques, and he offers lifestyle suggestions that help with your specific health concerns. Definitely go to Reese Chiropractic Center! It will change your life...." ~Judie T.




"I did not believe in chiropractors because I thought that pain-killers or lots of Advil were the answer to my neck problems. My friend had been seeing Dr. Reese for back problems and I noticed how well she was doing and she was not taking any medication so I decided to give Dr. Reese a try. Let me tell you Dr. Reese has helped me with my neck & spine and with no pain-killers or Advil! He is a wonderful chiropractor and he is compassionate, thoughtful and respects his patients. When I leave his office not only do I feel better but I feel like I just had a visit with a friend." ~Linda L.



"Dr. Gregg Reese is an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC CHIROPRACTOR. He is at the TOP of the Profession. He is extraodinary professional and compassionate, is exceptionally THOROUGH, and will TREAT the WHOLE person. I will NOT trust my spine to another CHIROPRACTOR EVER AGAIN. The office is always immaculate,
facilities are first rate, and the STAFF is competent and professional. One final note and this is most important; if its a neck, back or spine problem you are having, before you do anything else, make sure you see Dr. Gregg Reese at Reese Chiropractic Center in Hollywood FL. Trust me, you will be glad you did." ~Matthew P.




"I've been treated by different Chiropractors over the past 20+ years, primarily for neck & low back issues. Dr. Gregg Reese is, by far, THE BEST! He is always full of energy, super down to Earth & genuinely compassionate. He always gives great advice. The staff at Reese Chiropractic Center is wonderful too!. So, If you're shopping around for a Good Chiropractor, keep on shopping! If you're searching for a Great Chiropractor, you need not look any further!! Love you Dr. Reese! See you Friday for my adjustment..."

~Fran R.



"Thanks to Dr. Gregg Reese I can sit through class, or an hour-long car trip, without pain, for the first time in months. He is extremely knowledgable and passionate about chiropractic care and explains everything thoroughly, without any pressure. It is clear to me that he genuinely cares about the well-being of his patients, which is quite a rarity. They are reasonably priced, flexible and helpful. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Reese!" ~Pauline V.



"Treating at Reese Chiropractic Center has been inspirational and influential in various facets of my life. They are attentive and knowledgeable in their craft. Most recently, I had an intense series of surgeries and treatments causing me to re-examine how I treat my body and mind. Through a invaluable consultation and explanation of my current well-being with Dr. Gregg Reese, I found my general health needing a 'reboot'. Dr. Reese was instrumental in a weekly chiropractic schedule that kept my spinal region in great condition, while removing all systemic problems by a combination of their constant attention to my needs, realignment procedures for my cervial spine, and vigilant discussion on why these techniques were necessary. Thank you Reese Chiropractic!!!" ~Neville C.



"I have had a wonderful experience with Reese Chiropractic Center in general. Dr. Gregg Reese is an excellent doctor, and the office is great. When I became a patient I was in bad shape. Thanks to Reese Chiropractic Center I am now pain free and could not be happier. I will remain a patient of Dr. Gregg Reese
and recommend him to anyone." ~Jamie J.




"I was been experiencing vertigo which was interfering with my health and daily activities.  I was unable to work, cook, or even get out of bed. After 3 weeks of chiropractic care with Dr. Reese, I  was able to sleep better and felt more energetic. I was referred to Reese Chiropractic by my husband who has been a patient for the past 10 years. Thanks Dr. Reese for giving me my LIFE back….." ~Chris L.



"I loved the whole experience! The office is nice and welcoming, and so are the staff. I've had my doubts about chiropractic care, but Dr. Gregg Reese changed it all for me. After the first adjustment, I started feeling better and was able to drive home with a straight posture for the first time in who knows how long. I know I've still got aways to go, but I trust Dr. Reese with my health, which is saying a lot. I'm excited for the next visits, and I'm looking forward to a healthy future. Thank you Reese Chiropractic Center!" ~Pamela F.




"Amazing Chiropractor and an Amazing Person!!! Dr. Reese is truly passionate about chiropractic and serving people. He truly cares about people and it clearly shows. His office is all about keeping you on time. My first visit was a breeze and I was in and out within 35 minutes including spinal x rays and the computerized scan of my nervous system. I found him on google and so happy I started chiropractic care. Been under care for a month and my energy is so much better. My headache and neck pain is gone and my wife and kids just stated chiropractic care last week !!! Thanks Dr. Reese" ~Scott N.



"Dr. Gregg Reese makes his patients feel like they are a number one priority! He has cash plans that make it very affordable for people who do not have insurance but want to get treated at his clinic. You can expect to have an extremely thorough initial evaluation on your first visit, as he will take the time to find the cause of your pain. Thanks again Dr. Reese!" ~Jason S.



"Dr. Gregg Reese is a fantastic chiropractor, and I highly recommend him. I started seeing Dr. Reese after suffering a disc injury in my neck, when I was in incredible pain. Unlike many chiropractors, he does not simply do a quick adjustment and send you out the door. I was pleased that he takes a very gradual, conservative approach to treatment -- Chiropractic Care helped with a smooth recovery. Thanks Reese Chiropractic Center!!!" ~Karen H.



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