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Relief or Functioing Better?

Recently, I’ve been approached by some people who were complaining that the adjustments they were receiving didn’t relieve their pain. Some actually had increased discomfort after an adjustment. We have to clarify the reason we adjust people. Sure we would like people to have no pain or discomfort whatsoever, but the most important factor in our care is to improve your body’s function, not just give you relief. Improved function means the body will work better toward allowing it to self-correct. When you are functioning better, systems stabilize and become stronger. Then the power within can start to heal. While relief from pain might be what we want, it isn’t always the best way to health. Pain has a reason for being. Some people came in so numb from the medications and therapies they’ve been using that they don’t know what it is like to feel anything. Usually they are getting better by feeling pain first, which means they are working more normally. Pain or discomfort is not necessarily bad. When you start an exercise program, you usually have discomfort or pain after the first few sessions. That means that your body is working. That means that you are alive. If we constantly try to numb our pain or discomfort (whether it be physical or emotional) we can accidentally do more than our body can handle and hurt ourselves worse. If you should feel pain or discomfort after your adjustment, tell us about it. It may just be your body working better. Let us check to make sure. We love you and want to see what is best for you… Even if it is a little pain... 







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