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The Flow of Life

Do you ever think about what organizes and balances the universe and keeps it in existence?


DD Palmer, the inventor of Chiropractic, did and he concluded that an intelligent energy organizes matter and keeps it in existence. He called this organizing energy Universal Intelligence. Its mission is to maintain balance through out the universe. It is every where all the time. It is infinite, perfect, and has never made a mistake. The new physics and non linear mathematics confirm that indeed that this energy exists and is the primary source of all that is. 


Ever think about what makes you run? 


Well, a subunit of Universal Intelligence, Which DD and BJ Palmer, the developer of Chiropractic, called Innate Intelligence, resides in ALL living things and it runs them. Like Universal Intelligence, Innate is infinite, perfect, has never made a mistake and always works for the highest good for the living thing in which it resides. Your Innate's mission to maintain balance within you and keep you in balance with the universe. 


Innate is driven to help you survive(we call that healing), grow (we call that adaption) and it runs your life! 


This magnificent perfect intelligence needs a network through which to work it's magic as it controls, guides and directs the 70 to100 trillion cells of your being. That is why we have a nervous system. This intelligence, present at the time of conception drives the first cell to split into two then four and within 10 days of life there are so many cells we need a communication system. This is when our brainstem and spinal cord form. From this point on every function within your being that you can imagine is controlled and directed by this inner power, this life force, flowing over your nervous system. 


This power, your innate, builds you from one cell and keeps you healthy. Every day billions of cells die within you and are replaced by new cells. The quality of these cells, the quality of your life is dependent on one thing; the quantity Innate reaching them over your nerve system. If this power can flow from above down, inside out you will have access to your full healing potential and your full life potential. 


Subluxations dim down the flow of innate from brain to body and that my friend, negatively affects every aspect of your existence. 


Chiropractors locate and correct subluxations through specific adjustments, thereby maximizing your healing power and innate potential. No other health profession can do this. Chiropractors don not treat disease, symptoms or sickness, they turn up LIFE. 


You, your children your family, in fact everyone on the planet deserves to have maximum healing power and life potential flowing through them from birth to death. Please tell others about the power of living clear through regular adjustments.








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